Elaine* (Elderly, AI and New Experience) relates to projects whose objective is to improve the quality of life of the Elderly through new experiences, using AI and Technology. 

One successful Elaine project is the StepKinnection Game (www.stepkinnection.com.au). A fall prevention system, mindfully designed for the aged, that delivers stepping exercises in a playful manner. This game allowed us to explore the power of using gaming technology to engage the elderly into physical exercise, however,  we also learned that the aged cohort have very particular needs and preferences when it comes to exercising. While seniors found the concept of exercising while playing very attractive, feedback revealed that they are still more inclined to engage in traditional games and workout at their own time and pace. 

Asynchronous exergames are a new trend in games for health field. This concept looks at linking physical exercise and gameplay asynchronously. In other words, you can get power-ups or unlock levels in the game by simply going for a morning walk. This approach will gives us the opportunity to answer the elderly’s need. What if they could be rewarded in their prefered game for exercise they did that week? 

The aim of this project is to design and develop an asynchronous exergame prototype that will potentially increase the motivation of the elderly to engage with physical exercise. The project is also to lay ground for future collaboration between SEDE and SoS in developing serious games with health purposes for the senior community.


The project will create powerful game scenarios that will potentially accommodate and adjust to the elderly preferences and motivations towards physical exercise. Moreover we will collect information on players feeling and attitudes towards: (1) the game and the contents of it; (2) the selection of exercises that will feed into the game asynchronously; and (3) how the incorporation of such exercises affect their progression and gameplay. 

This data will be most useful for future research into these field, as to be best of our knowledge, no other project has explored an asynchronous exergaming approach to engage the aged cohort into physical exercise.