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Last Island
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You're living on the last remaining piece of land on Earth. You have limited resources, but need to ensure your small community grows and survives into the future.

Overhead view of students playing Last Island. Image: Jaime Garcia Marin.

Welcome to Last Island

The Last Island is an interactive board game with a serious mission – to better understand how human behaviour and the choices we make can impact the transition to a more sustainable future.

We’re successfully destroying our planet – the science is pretty clear about that.

The fact is we're doing something wrong, and that's basically how this project came up – me asking, ‘How can we use games and gaming technology to convey this message to the people?’

Distinguished Professor Alexey Voinov
School of Information, Systems & Modelling,
Faculty of Engineering and IT

Enter gaming gurus and co-directors of the Games Studio research group William Raffe and Jaime Garcia. 

“Alexey has a lot of experience with systems modelling,” says William, who along with Jaime is responsible for Last Island’s design and development. “This helps us to understand what the future may be, where we're going to end up, but it does not tell us how to persuade people to take different courses of action, possibly changing their behaviour towards creating a better future for our children. That’s where games can help.”

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