Improving Lives: Using Microsoft Kinect to Predict the Loss of Balance for Elderly Users Under Cognitive Load

Among older adults, falling down while doing everyday tasks is the leading cause for injuries, disabilities and can even result in death. Furthermore, even when no injury has occurred the fear of falling can result in loss of confidence and independence. The two major factors in the loss of balance is weakening of the muscles and reduced cognitive skills. While exercise programmes can reduce the risk of falling by 40%, patient compliance with these programmes is low. We present the Microsoft-Kinect based step training program system that we have developed specifically for elderly patients. The program measures physical health and cognitive abilities and incorporates an individualized adaptive program for improvements. The real-time data obtained from the program is similar to clinical evaluations typically conducted by doctors and the game-like exercises result in increased adherence to the exercise regimes
Yusuf Pisan
Jaime A. Garcia
Karla Felix Navarro
Presented At
nteractive Entertainment (IE) '13 Proceedings of The 9th Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment: Matters of Life and Death
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